Headshot.pngThis is my personal blog where I write mainly about politics – BC, Canada, and international.  My bio:

Mike has a wealth of experience as a strategist, public opinion consultant and communications advisor. His career has revolved around building strong relationships, understanding the dynamics of public opinion, and executing effective strategies.

Mike served in senior roles for Premier Christy Clark and her government between 2011 and 2013, then again in 2017 following the general election. He led Clark’s winning leadership campaign team in 2011, led her transition team, and served as Chief of Staff to the Premier, the most senior political appointee in the BC government. During his time as Chief of Staff, the BC Jobs Plan and BC LNG strategy were launched.

He led the BC Liberal Party’s 2013 election campaign. With a great team, he helped build a campaign strategy that executed a come-from-behind victory, hailed as “stunning” and a “win for the ages” by Canadian news outlets.

Previous experience included serving as a researcher for the United Native Nations, an Intern at BC’s Legislative Assembly in 1992, Special Assistant to Mayor Gordon Campbell at the City of Vancouver, and managing his successful leadership campaign for the BC Liberal Party in 1993. He served in the Premier’s Office under Campbell, and as Director of Communications to the Government Caucus.

He was selected as one of Vancouver magazine’s Power 50 in both 2011 and 2013. He is a lifelong British Columbian and graduate of the University of British Columbia.

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  1. I learn about you from your radio interview CKNW.

    Very interesting point of view. I never thought Trump had a chance.

    I feel that CKNW hosts are biased, they only talk about Trump’s bad stuff but in fact both candidates have bad stuff to talk about.

    I don’t like either candidate but feel that the media is not being fair, it’s like they want to shape public opinion.

    Thanks for your coverage, hope to hear more from you at CKNW.



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